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Mobile Phone Base Stations And Electromagnetic Radiation

phonetowerSpecialising in measuring and protecting from electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone base stations. EMR testing and EMR shielding and natural solutions have become a .critical part of our modern day living.

In the highly debated, controversial and mostly confusing world of potential health risks related to nearby mobile phone base stations we hope that this site can answer some questions for you.

We help to measure and assess the potential electromagnetic radiation exposure risks associated with nearby transmission devices often referred to as base stations, phone towers and phone masts. We also offer advice in relation to minimising exposure and protection from this electromagnetic energy.


About Ecolibria

At ecolibria we are dedicated to creating buildings that enhance the health and well being of everyone living or working in them. We specialise in Air Quality Testing, Water Filters, Green Cleaning Products and Methods, Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Testing And Solutions, Green And Healthy Building Design And Building Materials.